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Friday, June 7, 2013

Memorial Day 5/27/13

The Ranch was a very popular place this Memorial Day.  A lot of family went and had a lot of fun. 

Eric went up on Saturday and planted the potatoes. 

Monday was the popular day though.  It seems like half of the family was up there.  In the morning Erica and Jared use the tractors to make a new road just South of the potato field going to the lookout where Eric would like to make a campsite.  They were able to get it done pretty quick and it is very nice.  You should get up there soon to check it out, I was impressed. 

Peter took his bees up and you can hear them buzzing already, hopefully they will get some of the chocolate flower nectar.  It seems as though he has double what he had last year but we would have to check with him on that one.

Grandpa sent a message about the weekend: Gramma and I went up with Ginny and Janae and had a wonderful time. The hay field looks great and is growing fast and they got some spuds planted that should do well after the nice rain storm we had last night. We left a little early but Eric an Jared were building a road to Eric's favorite spot to camp. I am anxious to see how it turns out. Love to all..

A lot of the family went on a hike.  They hiked up to Nellies and had some awesome pictures in the flowers and on the mountain.


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