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Friday, March 22, 2013

Half way up Wanrhodes

As it snows outside my window at work I thought I could post about our Family Night trip up towards The Ranch on Monday 3/18/13.  We had a last minute idea to drive up Diamond Fork and just see how much snow was up the road.  Jared, Kerri, Dustin, Libby, and Toby all went up there.  We saw a lot of deer everywhere.  There was no snow on the road or on any of the fields. 

We could see some snow up higher on the mountains in the shady areas.  We decided to drive up Wanrhodes and see how far we could get to The Ranch.  We saw a lot more deer as we drove.  The road was mostly dry and there was little snow anywhere.  We were able to drive about halfway up to the ranch and we made it right to the Bee Flat.  (The Bee Flat is the open area/field with the log fence along the side of the road)  We were almost to the white cattle guard marking the private property beyond that point.   It was getting a little muddy and dark and we just did not want to rip up the road or get stuck at night.
It was a very nice trip and it made all of us anxious to be able to get up there soon and start enjoying the nice weather.  Hopefully this new snow fall does not push us back too far from what we want to do.