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Overnighter Rules

In order to better provide adequate facilities and services at The Ranch we will begin a new policy for any groups going to spend time on the property. The groups include scouts, church organizations, or any other non Weight family groups. Groups can choose to pay or do service to spend time on this wonderful asset the family has.

Groups up to 15 staying for one night will pay $50 or can choose to do an assigned service project.

If staying more than one night then it is $50 per night and the group can do a service project to discount the pay for one of the nights.

If a group larger than 15 is going then a rate will be negotiated with Jared or Eric.

Service projects will include: gathering wood, pulling weeds, making trails, repairing facilities, etc.

Reservation of space at the Ranch is on a first come first serve basis. You can contact Jared or Eric personally via phone, email, or in person. You can also send an email to and the requested dates will be reviewed immediately.

Please request where you would like your group to stay and a specific campsite will be assigned. Several groups may be there at the same time and families will also be there so the family will always have first request of a site, even if a non Weight family group has requested it first.

Many improvements are needed on the property and this new policy will help to improve the property, pay taxes, and also maintain the roads and facilities that already exist there .

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