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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Camping in the Rain

This past weekend Jared was at The Ranch with some of his Family and 2 groups were up there as well. 

Jared took work off Thursday and Friday and went up Thursday morning by himself.  He was able to finish all of the fence line on the inner East fence and the South fence.  He also did some tractor work and made a new tent/trailer spot on the North end of the long alfalfa field.  Kerri, Dustin, Tucker, Libby, Toby, and Colby went up on Friday evening.  Eric was already up there with a ward father and sons group that was camping there.   A scout group from Syracuse, UT came down as well and camped out. 

We got right to work and finished the East fence.  It only took an hour and then we were able to just hang out around the fire while Tucker worked on the potato field.

It did rain during the night.  We were all dry cause we were in trailers.  The scouts and ward groups were not as lucky, they got rained on all night in their tents but no one complained.  Although it was raining in the morning we still decided to work on the West fields fence.  It was in pretty good condition with only a couple of breaks in it.  We finished that in the morning and then we went up to talk to Doug and Pat Weight.  They were working with their new tractor and getting a new hay field ready to harvest. 

We had lunch and then the rain kind of stopped for a while.  Dustin had to take his trailer down so we tried to hurry and get out while the roads were still dry.  Trent came up for lunch with us and brought Brinley and Porter with him.  While we were driving down we ran into a truck left in the middle of the road.  The keys were left in it but it wouldn't start and no one was around.  We hooked it up to a truck and pulled it out of the way.  Then we made our way down and then with about a mile left on the dirt road we ran into a guy that had a small trailer pulled over to the side of the road.  We stopped and Jared had to help him get the trailer hooked back up to his truck and then we followed him down to Diamond Fork. 

All in all, it was another great weekend up there.  It is very green right now so go check it out if you get a chance before it starts getting too hot. 

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