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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Winter is Still Here

Wednesday 3/12/14

Tucker, Dustin, Libby, and Toby went up Wanrhodes to see how The Ranch is doing after the winter.  We were able to get all the way up to the gate between the Child and Miner properties.  We parked the truck there and then walked the rest of the way up to the ranch.  There is still about 2 feet of snow in a lot of places.  We were able to go by the cabin and then up to the Flat Iron field.  It was very quiet and peaceful.   We left at 8:15 in the morning and returned before 11:00, just a quick trip up there.

Here are some pics that can explain our trip better than words. 

The cabin bench is still there!!!

You can see the top line of the fence is at Tucker's knee, that makes the snow about 2 feet deep.

This is the flat iron field, still covered in snow.

Tucker next to a pine tree Valerie planted up at the ranch several years ago.