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Monday, August 1, 2011

Snakes and Bears

Doug Weight called Jared and told him he had large bear tracks on and around his deck and the bear had played with one of his coolers and had left traces around his property. If you are going to the ranch to stay the night be careful and be sure you leave all food either left in your car or hung up in a tree. The bear will most likely avoid coming around people but if you leave easy food out for it to get then it may come around. Be careful!!! We have had a very wet year and that makes the ranch extremely green and beautiful but it also brings in additional dangers. There is more wildlife this year. While up there this weekend with a scout group we found at least 2 rattle snakes. We were only able to kill one of them cause one escaped into the mountain. We saw it on the road going up to the Pond/Dam. Be careful around snakes cause they seem to be multiplying right now. If you know of anyone going up there pass along this little note.

The new road was finished this week. We forgot to get pictures of it but we will get some posted soon. You no longer have to drive up the steep and horrible road or worry about getting stuck on the road by the cabin. Take the road that goes to the cabin and then just follow it out. It is wider and actually takes a different and easier route now. Go try it out and see the new cattle guard that was put in. The old main road will possibley be closed off so enjoy that new road.