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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pavilion, Bathroom, and Trailer pad

Jared rented a Mini-X on Friday night so we could start building the pavilion and bathrooms.  We were able dig all of the footings for the bathroom and get the pavilion area leveled out.  Check the pavilion page for more details and some pictures. 

We also worked on the new trailer pad and got all of the trees cleared out.  It was an amazing weekend and we got a lot done.  Jared was there with Valerie and Tucker and Kerri took Dustin and kids up there.  Trent also went with his 3 kids.  Tricia showed up on Saturday to play with the kids in the hammocks Valerie set up.  We had both tractors and the mini-x working most of the day Saturday.  It was pretty cool to see the end result.

We got everything we wanted done.  This was the most dirty I have ever been while up there.  I had dirt all over my chest and back even though I was wearing 2 t-shirts.  It was a great time and hopefully, when we get the grass planted and growing, it will be much cleaner and more enjoyable.

Thank you Valerie for all of the awesome pictures.

Also check out this giant root ball we ripped out, Tucker was pretty excited about it.

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