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Friday, June 7, 2013

June is Here

Jared and his family along with Kerri and her family and Tricia tagged along for the evening.  We were able to get a lot done.  We had an amazing dutch oven dinner which Kerri made.  It was an amazing Chicken and Rice in one dutch oven and rolls made in another dutch oven.  We made a mistake and burnt the rolls a bit but it was still really good.  Email the site it you want the recipe. 

We hung out that evening inside the trailers and just played games because it was a little colder than usual.  We got up in the morning to a classic camping breakfast of bacon, eggs, and pancakes (along with Valerie and Kerri having hot chocolate). 

After that we got right to work.  Kerri started to mow the field above the camping area and got rid of the tall weeds there and hopefully a few people can camp over in there now.  We then planted a few more potatoes that Jared and taken up and then Jared an Valerie had to go back home for a work lunch. 


Tucker learned how to plow and plowed the old potato field.  He also worked on the field by the cottonwoods.  Meanwhile, Dustin and Kerri took their kids up to the West fence to put in some dancers.  We were able to do a few of them before the kids got hungry and we had to meet back up with Tucker for lunch.

After lunch Kerri and the kids took a nap while Tucker and Dustin went up to the West fence to finish the dancers we had already cut for the West fence line.  We were able to finish that and then we walked back the North end of the fence line and found just one broken line that we had to fix.  Everything else was pretty good other than a few loose cedar posts that we had to try to tighten up a bit.  We then went and worked on the fields with the tractors which we are trying to prepare to plant some more alfalfa seed on this fall. 

Jared and Valerie then met up with us again in the evening for some hot dog dinner.  They took their trailer down and we all headed down right before it got dark. 

Cattle are now on the property so if you are up there and see them in the fields let Jared or Eric know so we can get them out, or get them out if you know how.

Eric's new road!

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