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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ranch For the Summer

Well this was a great year at the ranch. Everything was green the entire summer. It seemed as though there was more wildlife around this year. Just recently a Moose and her calf were seen just southwest of the cottonwoods right below the zip line. It was pretty amazing. A coyote was also seen running across one of the fields and it seems as if there were more deer than ever. The dam is still there but we are just having a few issues getting it all backed up without any leaks. Next year it should be more functional with just a few improvements that will be done between now and then. There was water in the dam all year which was also great. Thanks to everyone for helping keep the fields nice and free of trails by not driving through them. Also thank you for keeping all of the gates closed to keep the cattle out of the hay fields. Improvements to look for next year: a new gate 10 yards off the road at the flat iron entering all of the other fields, a new west fence marking the property line, possible green grass to have a cleaner camping and play area near the water spigot. Thanks for all those who have helped this year and hopefully we can get a couple more fun trips in this fall. Send any stories or pics you may have.