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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Foundation Blocks in Place

Last night Jared, Tucker, Dustin, Libby, and Toby went up to the ranch for the evening to finish laying the blocks on the foundation.  Jared taught Tucker and Dustin how to lay out each of the bricks and get them in place and how to apply the mortar. 

We were only up there for a couple of hours but we got a lot done.  We saw several deer and Libby and Toby had a fun time trying to sneak up on them while eating alfalfa. 

We also noticed that the spring that feeds the cabin is not providing any water right now.  It has been a very dry year and that is a sign of just how dry it has been up there the past 2 years.  Jared said that is only the 2nd time he knows of that spring going dry. 

Here are some pics of the work we finished.

Monday, August 19, 2013

2013 Summer Events

A lot has happened over the summer and a lot of family and friends have been able to go up to the ranch and enjoy everything it has to offer. 

Dustin took his 11 year old scouts up to do the Zip Line and have a hot dog BBQ.

Tricia took her young women up to enjoy the zip line, dutch oven cobblers, and have a spiritual devotional.

Tucker went up with a friend for the deer hunt and saw a Cougar (Mt Lion) this past weekend. 

Please try to get up there before the end of the summer and fall and see some of the progress we have made and enjoy everything up there. 

Bathrooms-2 8/17/13

Eric, Jared and families went up Saturday morning and started laying the bricks for the foundation of the bathroom walls.  They had to use a bond called Type S Spec Mix to cement the bricks and the footings together.  They were able to finish all of the corners and the bottom row.  We ran out of spec mix right as it started to rain and so we had to leave.  Jared is planning on going up sometime this week to start laying more of the bricks. 


Thank you to everyone who has helped donate funds to build this bathroom.  We are being as careful and diligent with those sacred funds as possible.  We search for the best price of products and borrow any equipment we can to get the work done.  We have used all of the funds donated and we will now just be doing everything we can to come up with the needed materials to finish the project before winter if possible.  We are doing a lot of work and trying to show as much progress as possible.  I apologize for not updating the blog more frequently and will try to keep it updated.  


The bathrooms have come a long way since I last posted.  We went up on 7/27/13 and took up cement to lay the footings for the bathroom.

 We had to get the cement out of the mixer and move it to the desired areas.  Jared would then smooth it out with his trowel (not sure if I spelled that one right?)
 The kids were all there to help!

 Jared had to double check and mare sure we were level all the way around.  We used a laser level from Eric the night before to put in some rebar to make sure we were as level as possible.

 Jared and Tucker finished up the cement while Trent cleaned out the mixers.

We had a little bit of cement left over and so we decided to use it around the fire pit.  We used the fire pit since then and it has made the area much cleaner and safer.  

W8 Reunion

At the end of the Family Reunion a lot of people were able to either hike to the ranch or drive up there.  It was pretty neat to see so many people together on the property.  We had a lot of help bailing hay and stacking it.  Everyone also had a great lunch there.  Thank you Valerie for getting that ready for everyone.

Those who went up also got to see where the bathrooms will be and where the pavilion is going to be.  The following posts will show some of the updates on the bathrooms. 

Here are some pictures of everyone up at the ranch and the hay we bailed.