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Monday, September 26, 2011

New Gate

There is a new gate that was installed at the Flat Iron entrance. Eric put it in last week and it looks pretty good. It is off the road a little to help when pulling trailers in to the ranch. Jared wants to put a sign at the top of it. Send over some designs to the email having to do with the Weight name ie W8 or any cool design. Go check out the new road and new gate when you get a chance. Nice drive to see the fall leaves as well.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

New Road!!!

The new road is in place as well as a cattle guard. Soon the old road (that goes up the hill) will be closed to normal travel. It is suggested when going to the ranch to only use the new road. Go on the road that goes to the cabin and you will see it is wider and much better and more comfortable. It is a gentle climb all the way to the entrance to the flat iron. There is no more giant hill to climb where you have to stop at a gate and then try to get your vehicle to climb the rest of the hill without any momentum. You won't have the steep switchback either at the end of the cabin road. Now it is just a nice gentle rise to get to the entire property. There is a cattle guard at the bottom where the old gate was on the property line which is very nice as well. Here are some pictures to check everything out. They are all facing south east as though you would be leaving the ranch.