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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This summer we received a very generous donation to help build the bathroom.  We have had a lot of work done.  Here are some of the pictures we have.

There is even more done now.  I just don't have any of those pictures.  Please send any of them to

Thank you

Summer 2014

2014 at the ranch was a great year.  A lot happened and we had a some pretty amazing experiences this year.  Wards, scouts, young women, and friends were all able to enjoy the property this past summer.

We had a lot of family go up this year as well.  We were able to see Grandma and Grandpa Weight up there again.  The Girauds were able to go and have part of their family reunion up there.  They even helped cut some hay.  Eric Weight and his family had a family reunion up there as well.  A lot of family went up there and enjoyed the property in 2014.

Here is a brief recap of pictures and experiences we had while there.

In the early summer Tucker proposed to Jen Bell on Hill Cumorah.  He involved nearly his entire Weight family.  It was pretty fun.  He did great and it was very romantic.

 We went up several times in the fall and one time we went up to go shooting with the kids and just hang out for a couple of hours.

It was a great year in 2014 and we hope for an even better 2015.  We have a lot of work to do still but we will have a lot of fun.  Come enjoy anytime you can.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Winter is Still Here

Wednesday 3/12/14

Tucker, Dustin, Libby, and Toby went up Wanrhodes to see how The Ranch is doing after the winter.  We were able to get all the way up to the gate between the Child and Miner properties.  We parked the truck there and then walked the rest of the way up to the ranch.  There is still about 2 feet of snow in a lot of places.  We were able to go by the cabin and then up to the Flat Iron field.  It was very quiet and peaceful.   We left at 8:15 in the morning and returned before 11:00, just a quick trip up there.

Here are some pics that can explain our trip better than words. 

The cabin bench is still there!!!

You can see the top line of the fence is at Tucker's knee, that makes the snow about 2 feet deep.

This is the flat iron field, still covered in snow.

Tucker next to a pine tree Valerie planted up at the ranch several years ago.

Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Bathroom Update

Well, we were able to do a lot at the ranch through the fall.  Sorry there were not more updates but hopefully I can get us caught up on everything that happened there. 

Due to several very generous donations we were able to get a lot of work done on the bathrooms.  We finished the under ground plumbing, the foundation and the cement floor both inside and outside of the bathroom.  We still have a lot to do though.  We need to finish the construction of the walls with cement blocks, do the roof, and then finish the interior of the bathrooms.  I will make a list of the items we still need and the items that we have been able to collect from donation. 

Cement blocks
Exterior doors and frame (2)
Shower head (2)
Sink Faucet (2)
Shower Partition
Interior plumbing pipe
Corrugated Steel Roof
2X6 boards for the roof
Water Heater
Exterior Finish
Glass Blocks (for the windows)

Vanity and sink (2)
Toilet (2)
Tile (4 boxes???)
Corrugated Steel Roof (pending donation)

This is just a rough estimate.  More things may come up as we are finishing the construction of the structure.  We are hoping to re-use the old Septic Tank from the old Cabin so we can save quite a bit of money on that.  We estimate that we will need between $2,000-$3,000 to finish the rest of the bathroom.  We know a lot of people have already donated a lot and help get to this point but we would love any additional help.  Hopefully we can finish the bathrooms this summer for EVERYONE to enjoy. 

2013 in Review

What an amazing and productive year we had in 2013.  We were able to get a lot done and hopefully we made it more comfortable and enjoyable. 

We started the building of the new bathrooms.  Prepared a spot for the pavilion.  Prepared the big cottonwood field for Alfalfa.  Built a new trailer pad near the fire pit.  Laid cement around the fire pit.  Eric started a new campground at a beautiful lookout over the entire ranch.  Started a park for the kids.  Moved the interior East fence and closed that road.  We also have prepared for a lot of other additions we can start in 2014 when we finish the bathrooms.

We had a lot of fun.  We have been able to watch our children spend their summers up there and enjoy the outdoors in a safe and private environment.

We will let you know as soon as we can get up there this 2014.  We will be working on getting the fences repaired quickly so we can get working on the rest of our projects.  Any and all help will be welcome, even just the moral support.  Don't worry about driving up there.  The roads are better than they have been in the 8 years that I have been driving up there.  You can also get a ride with any of us going up there.

Also, if you have a group (besides a Weight Family group) that would like to go up for a campout please let Jared or Eric know so we can get it on the calendar.  We are still asking for groups to pay when they go up there to help cover some of the expenses it costs to maintain the property.  Since the bathrooms aren't finished we have been charging groups of 15 or less $25 per night or they can do a service project.   If it is a group larger than 15 then they can talk to Jared or Eric about a price and arrangements.  This includes father and son outings, scout campouts, girl camps, and any other non family activities up there.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Foundation Blocks in Place

Last night Jared, Tucker, Dustin, Libby, and Toby went up to the ranch for the evening to finish laying the blocks on the foundation.  Jared taught Tucker and Dustin how to lay out each of the bricks and get them in place and how to apply the mortar. 

We were only up there for a couple of hours but we got a lot done.  We saw several deer and Libby and Toby had a fun time trying to sneak up on them while eating alfalfa. 

We also noticed that the spring that feeds the cabin is not providing any water right now.  It has been a very dry year and that is a sign of just how dry it has been up there the past 2 years.  Jared said that is only the 2nd time he knows of that spring going dry. 

Here are some pics of the work we finished.