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Monday, April 29, 2013

Tangled, Rusty, Messed up East Fence

This Saturday a lot of work was done but it did not cover a lot of fence line, just a lot of work due to the mess that we had to deal with. 

Jared, Trent, Tucker, and Gable left early in the morning and started to work on the East fence moving North from the South East corner of the property right by the old coral.  They worked all morning from 8:00 am-2:00 in the afternoon.  They were working on the Child's portion of the fence because they don't work on it and we want to keep their cattle out and the cattle grazing in our side in.  They found many assorted lines of barbed wire.  There was a lot of rusted out lines, broken lines and it was all just a mess.  They also had re-plant T-Posts with just a hammer because they forgot the post pounder.  They were able to finish a couple hundred yards of fence.  Then they stopped for lunch.

In the afternoon Shane and Deanne drove up with Grandma and Grandpa along with a caravan including Ronda with her 2 sons Garrett and Mckay.  Valerie went up with Dustin, Libby, Toby, Tricia, and Karlee.  Some of us helped finish the east fence line up to where our portion of the fence is located.  We finished at about 5:30. 

Everyone else stayed back by the water and played with the kids and just enjoyed the awesome property.  Valerie was on the tractor disking for a couple hours and has nearly finished the entire big field by the cottonwoods. 

We stayed up there for dinner and we all had Tinfoil Dinners (or as I like to call them, Hobo Dinners).  It was a very nice day and made us realize that summer is just about here.  It is still kind of dry up there and hopefully we get a couple of rain storms soon.

This weekend Jared and his family will be going up along with Kerri and her family and staying the night on Friday night.  Dustin will be taking up a scout group up for the night and taking them on a hike up to Nelly's Spring.  It should be a great trip and hopefully we will have some pictures to post next week. 

The main gate to Wanroads is also open so now people can go up any time.  The gate to the flat iron is locked so just check with Jared or Eric to get a key to get into the fields if you want to get into that area.

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