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Monday, April 15, 2013

Turkey Hunt, Disking, and Fence Move

A lot was accomplished this last week.  It was stormy a lot of the week but Friday and Saturday it dried up just enough to be able to go do some work. 

Jared and Valerie went up Friday afternoon and started working very quickly.  Valerie got on the tractor and was able disk most of the big cottonwood field.  It looks really good and with the field still being a little wet it looks great.  She was able to get all the way up to the tree line and make it is about ready to spray for weeds and then plant alfalfa.   Jared got started on moving the east field fence line which was right by where Valerie was disking.  He pulled out 3 railroad ties/cedar posts and planted them back in the middle of the old steep road.  He also pulled out a bunch of T-Posts and planted them in the ground as well.  He pulled down the fence line from the Flat Iron Gate all the way down to where Peter's bees go.  Anyone who has not done this does not realize how much work that is and he did it by himself with a little help from Valerie when she finished disking. 

Dustin went up early in the morning with some of his family to go on the Turkey hunt.  They saw a lot of Turkey but were never able to shoot anything.  It is very fascinating to call them in and hear all of the Turkey around when you just stop to listen and hear what they do.  Dustin's family left at 11:00 after the Turkey stopped responding to the calls.

Trent, Tucker, Gable, and Trent's kids went up at 9:30 and started working on the fence Jared had started moving.  Dustin joined them at 10:30 to work on the fence.  They were able to get the entire fence pulled down that was needed.  They also pulled out all of the T-Posts and cedar posts/railroad ties.  Trent and his kids had to leave at that time and Kerri with Libby and Toby came up for lunch and to finish helping a bit.  They then were able to put the barbed wire back up to then fence.  There is one gap in the fence that still needs to be finished but some of us are going up on Wednesday 4/17/13 to finish it in the evening (if the weather lets us). 

Gable was a lot of help and it was nice to have another person there to help get it finished.  They would not have finished everything if Gable was not there.  We continue to invite anyone that wants to come up with us to just let us know, we may be calling some of the younger grandkids this summer to see if they want to come help us. 

We then had to leave as a storm was coming.  It was a great day and a lot was accomplished.  We wanted to get all of the fence repaired around the property but we at least got that fence moved.  There are several purposes for moving the fence.  First it is to prevent trespassers from cutting through that fence.  That is where most of the people have been cutting the line and riding four wheelers in the fields and also letting their cattle into the property to graze on the hay fields.  Jared also does not want to have 2 different roads cutting through the property.  We now just have one road so there are not multiple access points to get into the property.  If anyone goes up the old steep road they will not be able to get very far because it is no longer a road that a car can drive on.  It is just a fence in the middle of what used to be a road.  We hope that some grass and trees start to grow in what used to be a road. 

Sorry for no pictures but we will get some when we finish the road.

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