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Friday, April 5, 2013

First of the year Trip 3/30/13

Jared, Valerie, Karlee, Tucker, and Beau all made a trip to the ranch last Saturday.  They just wanted to check everything out.  It was really dry and most of the roads were clear of snow.  There was just some snow in the shady areas of the property.  It was a great Saturday.  We are going up Saturday 4/6/13 and taking up the tractor and Jared will disk some of the fields and spring tooth them (I will have to explain that better when I actually know what it entails).  We will also start working on the fence lines and repairing all of the fence since there may be some cattle grazing there this year.  They walked all the way around the property and most of the fences are doing pretty good with not a lot of major breaks.  We should be done fixing them by the end of the month.


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