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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

May 3-4 weekend

Jared and his family went up to the ranch this past weekend.  They all stayed right where the pavilion will be built.  It was a very nice weekend and didn't even get too cold at night.  We also had our first scout group go up there.  They were able to do a hike for the 2nd Class badge for scouts and also pass off several requirements they needed. 

Jared and Trent were able to do some work on the tractors and were able to work on the fields and on the road a little bit.  The next time you go up you will notice that the new road by the cabin has gravel on it.  It is very nice.  They had done just past the cabin on Saturday and will probably be done by the end of this week.  It is much safer now to drive that road. 

It is a going to be another dry year so please be very careful.  We can have fires right now but we may not be able to have them later in the year.

Jared spoke with John and Chris Child who have property just bellow us and they have again requested that we all drive very slowly by their place.  They said that when people drive fast they kick up dirt and dust and it makes a mess of their set up they have by the road.  Please be respectful so we can have a civil relationship with our neighbors up there.

Everything else is going great up there.  There will be some groups going up there in the next couple of weeks so check the calendar and just communicate with Jared or Eric if you want to stay the night up there so we can make sure the groups are out of your way.

Also let Jared or Eric know if you are having a group go up there so we can get it on the calendar.

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