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Saturday, May 5, 2012

New Grass Field

Saturday Jared, Trent (and his daughters Brinley & Colbie), Karlee, and Dustin went to the ranch early in the morning. Jared and Trent started plowing the old hay stack field while Karlee and Dustin went to the old west fence to pull the remaining T Posts there and also were able to collect two of the old barb wire lines to now move to the new fence we will be building May 18-19. The field was being plowed, disked, and prepared to plant grass. We were able to spread a "Tall Fiscue" blend of grass seed that is drought resistant. This grass should grow with little water and mowing needed. We are hoping the grass grows quickly so we can begin camping in tents on that field and also have a field for kids to use. Please stay off that field until we have the grass growing in thick! Valerie and Tricia brought Grandma & Grandpa up for an awesome lunch as well. All around, a great Saturday, just a little short but pretty productive for the few hours we were able to spend there.
Karlee and Jared with the Tractor
Some of the rocks gathered from the field
Grandma & Grandpa Weight hanging out at The Ranch

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