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Thursday, May 24, 2012

West Fence

Last Saturday we were able to put in the fence posts for the West Fence.  They are nearly all the way complete now.  We had 3 young men groups up there helping do the work and so it went fast.  One of the groups had a Brother bring an auger and we were able to get over 100 posts planted.  The auger began at about 8:45 and at 9:15 the boys were up on the trail working.  Kyle Weight helped lead the group and taught them how to plant the posts.  Some of them may be a little lose but, for novices, they did a pretty good job, Kyle was a great teacher as well.  We filled the bed of  a truck with posts and started driving down the fence line.  Several boys would unload the posts and pull the lose dirt out of the ground with post hole diggers.  They would set the post in the whole and then a group of 4 boys would come up and push the dirt around the post and 'tamp' it down tight.  We did this for nearly 1/2 mile of fencing and it worked out to be a pretty good system.  Now we just need to go back through and check all the posts and then put up the barb wire.  It is still a lot of work but it will be worth it when we are all done.  Hopefully the unwanted cattle will stay out of the property when we get this fence up.  It was an amazing Saturday and there were a lot of people from the family there, mainly from Jared and Eric's families.  Thank you to all who helped us get this work done.  Pictures will be posted in a couple weeks when we are able to get up there with a camera.

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