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Monday, April 30, 2012

Potatoes 2012

Jared went up with his entire family (except Tucker of course) and met Peter and his daughter Brooklyn up there. We were able to plant both red and russet potatoes up there and the entire field was planted with potatoes. You will see in a picture bellow how the planter broke, it can be fixed with a few simple welds, which is good. We also started pulling posts on the old west fence so we can begin doing the new west fence in a couple weeks. We started plowing the field east of where the pavilion will go so we can get it ready to plant grass to have a comfortable area for tents and recreation. If anyone knows of a field grass that requires little water and maintenance but will stay on the ground and help keep the dust down please let us know ASAP so we can plant it soon. That was all that happened other than a delicious hot dog dinner around the fire which Valerie, Tricia, Kerri, and Karlee started. We will be sending a notice of the next work day up there soon.
Hanging out watching the potatoes get planted, the girls all loved playing in the dirt.
Trent and Jared preparing to plant the first row of Potatoes.
The broken part on the potato planter. Pictures courteous of Peter, thanks for the pictures Peter!!!

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