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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

West Fence Boundary Completion

This post has been a long time coming.  After an entire Spring, Summer, and Fall of effort we finally finished the West Fence.  The wire is strung up the entire way.  We still need to add a lot of dancers and a couple gates in a few places but it is all done for the most part.  It looks amazing.  Many people helped complete this project and and put forth a lot of effort and money to help better the property.

There are many benefits for having this new fence in.  We can now have livestock up there and contain them in our property.  We can also keep cattle from surrounding property owners out of our property.  The fence will help with trespassers and keep the area a little bit safer.

We will be able to finish the fence line very soon with the few dancers that are needed as well as the gates we would like to install.

Thank you to everyone who helped and for any groups that helped work on the project, it was a huge endeavor and goal we had and it felt really good to complete it.

We are trying to get some pictures of the completed project up soon.

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