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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Tractor Retrieval November of 2012

It has been over 3 months since we last posted something on here and there have been things happening at The Ranch since that last post.

We saw our first snow fall in November and we had to hurry to get the tractor and potato planter out of The Ranch so we could work on them both a little over the winter since they both have a few issues.  Tucker and Dustin went up early one Saturday morning with Jared's truck and Eric's trailer.  They were able to drive all the way up with the trailer to the Miner/Child property line and left the trailer there.  They drove the truck all the way up to the cabin and then had to walk in the rest of the way cause the road was so muddy.  Everything was amazing and peaceful.  There were no sounds accept for Dustin's heavy breathing and Tucker sliding in the mud.

They finally got to the tractor and made a joke that now they had gone all this way and wouldn't be able to start the tractor.  Tucker tried for about 3-4 minutes to get it started but could not get it to work.  He was getting frustrated and then laughed cause of the previous joke that had been made.  Dustin then had an idea to pull it out of gear and then push the starter button, the tractor roared to life, Tucker could not believe it.  The potato planter was picked up and then a few minutes were enjoyed just looking around at the beauty winter brought to the ranch.

When they got the tractor and truck back down to the trailer they loaded everything up and then took a few minutes to shoot a .22 Rifle.  They left early and got home by 10:00.  Very well worth it, now we still need to get the tractor and potato planter worked on a little so we can be ready to plant this spring.

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