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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Trailer pad with grass seed, a new bench, and a nearly empty pond

This weekend Jared and his family spent the weekend at the ranch again.  There was a very clear goal to finish a large area where Jared can park his trailer and have a couple other tents to camp out where it can be level and have a little bit of grass.  We were able to finish the last portion of the retaining wall, which looks very nice.  The entire area is level and just has a slight slope towards the South to allow water to drain that way.  We also planted a Tall Fiscue grass seed there and we watered it quite heavely during the few days we were there.  We also planted that same seed on the field above the pavilion and we hope it will grow this time, it never took in the spring due to how hot and dry this year has been. 

Per Valerie's request, we built a very nice bench looking over the fields to the ranch.  It is made out of an old power pole from Springville.  The bench itself is perfectly level but the back rest is a little uneven, it still works great though.

Right before dinner we were sitting around talking about how to get the upper field of new grass seed some water.  We know we have plenty of water in the dam to do it we just have no way to move it down to the field right now.  We know we need to fix the dam and get it a little safer before we can start to work on the project of getting the water out of the dam.  We all grabbed shovels and picks and headed up to see if we could do any work by hand (it costs a lot of money to get any construction equipemnt up there to work on it).  We surveyed the area and then decided we need to empy all of the water in the dam so there is not any additional damage this winter and spring to the remaining dirt holding back the water.  Tucker was the brave volunteer to dive in and figure out how to unplug the pipe.  He jumped in the water and found that the pipe was clogged with an old pot, it was pretty funny.  He easily pulled it off and then it took just about an hour for the entire water to be drained.  Our plan is to now fill in some of the dirt by shovel or with small equipment we can borrow and then fix the spillway/overflow section.  We will need some supplies.  We need a couple shut off valves and some 4" or 6" pipe, whichever we can get our hands on.  Let Jared or Eric know if you know of anywhere we can get it for cheap or even someone throwing it away. 

Tucker finding the pipe in the pond
Nearly Empty Pond
It was a great weekend and we all enjoyed ourselves.  It was nice to know that we had an issue and we just took care of it.  We are on our way to greatly improving the property and making it more useable for everyone.  Jared and a few others will be going up Thursday evening if anyone else wants to join just let us know.
Also, if you go to the ranch let Jared know so he can get you a key to get into the main fields.  Also we caught someone taking some items off of the property which we plan on using and so if you see anything strange going on while you are there let Jared and Eric know about it. 

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