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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day 2012

One of the best ways to spend Labor Day is to go to The Ranch.  This is a tradition I have had to opportunity to participate in for the past 5 years, since I have been in the family.  It is an amazing time of year as the leaves are beginning to change color and the temperature begins to be a little more comfortable.

Jared and Valerie took Brinley & Colbie (Trent's daughters) with them and Tucker also tagged along.  Dustin decided to take his kids to the ranch at the last minute, Kerri rode up for the evening but had to be to work by midnight so left early and came back the next afternoon for lunch.  We had a lot of plans for the next morning.  We wanted to re stack the wood pile from around the fire pit and move it so we could actually sit all the way around the current fire pit and get the wood off the ground so it wouldn't keep rotting.  We also needed to fix a fence which was cut open by someone who let their cattle into our fields to eat the hay and then lastly we wanted to keep working on the new West fence putting in more dancers.

During the evening it rained a little but the temperature was very nice and it was no longer raining when we got up around 7:00.  Tucker and Dustin quickly got started on moving the fire wood.  We took some long logs and put them parallel to each other and then we stacked the wood on the too planks.  This way the wood will stay off of the ground.  Hopefully it will stay upright and if anyone else cuts any wood then please stack it on the remaining space there.  If you use any of the wood on the existing stack then please either cut wood to replace it or pull out old fallen logs and put them close to the wood stack so someone with a chainsaw can cut it into burnable logs.
Since there was rain the previous night Jared wanted to flatten out the area where he always parks his trailer, this way we would not have to fight with the dust.  We kind of got caught up in the project and flattened out the entire area and then we made an executive decision to build a retaining wall to keep any of the dirt from falling or washing down to the newly improved area.  We also made steps going up to the area behind the trailer pad.  We have one portion we still need to finish but we should get it done pretty quick.  We put down a railroad tie and then nailed in 2 pine poles.  We then pushed the dirt down behind the wall and it seems to be hold up pretty well.  We added some support in front by planting some small posts to help hold up the whole wall.  Here are a couple of pics of that fun project we completed.

At lunch Brenda and Rhonda brought their families up to the ranch with Grandma & Grandpa.  It was a lot of fun to have everyone up there.  A bunch of them went on a hike up to the spring above the ranch.  Valerie mowed the alfalfa field and made it look a lot better and got rid of the thistle up in that field.  Tucker and Dustin also fixed the fence that had been cut with the help of Grandpa, Grant (Brenda's son), and Toby (Dustin's son).  Overall, it was a fantastic Labor day which I hope we can improve and build upon it next year.

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