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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Independence Day

Hopefully everyone was able to enjoy their holiday this week and remember the freedoms we enjoy due to the sacrifices others have offered.  This is really a great country that allows us to own property and specifically for our family, the ranch.  Try to really enjoy it this summer and remember how lucky we really are to have it.

This was a fairly slow week at the ranch this week.  Randy and Rhonda Carr were able to go to the ranch for part of Randy's family reunion.  They used the zip line and just had a good time there.

Dustin took his young men/boy scouts on an overnighter and they all slept out under the stars around the cottonwoods.  We stayed dry and had an amazing time up there.  Without any fire we were able to see just how clear the night sky is.  We  had a miniature lesson given by one of the leaders and he taught about the correlation of light and our saviour and how he is the light of the world.   He also taught us about how when things are the darkest we can actually see the furthest.  The stars we see at night are much further away than the sun we see during the day.  Sometimes, when things seem most difficult in our lives we can actually understand the gospel and receive guidance from the holy ghost much more clearly if we just listen.  The spirit was very strong and everyone appreciated being able to use the property to have that experience.

The boys scouts were running a cub scout day camp the next day and it was great.  We were able to build 2 flag poles right by the cottonwood trees, if you want to use them do so quickly, we don't know how long we will leave them up there.  The cub scouts were able to hike to the damn, shoot bb guns and wrist rockets, learn knots, learn first aid, play Native American games, earn their whittling chip, and their favorite the zip line.  They also did a service project for us.  They helped cut back and clean out some of the trees on the road to the zip line.  We were able to do about 100 yards of work.  Many hands make like work and we certainly were able to get a lot done up there. 

Thank you to all for not having any fires at the ranch this year!!!

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