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Sunday, July 1, 2012


With several hundreds of fires in the state this year burnt or burning and many of them very close to our home there will be an indefinite ban on any open fire at the ranch.  You only need to go look in a couple of the fields at the ranch to see the ash that has fallen on the dirt to realize how much of our forests have burned this year.  Thousands upon thousands of acres are now just a black mark on what used to be beautiful green and yellow forest.  We want our 160 acres to remain lush and green so please avoid having any fire up there until we are instructed otherwise.  Fires include any briquets for dutch oven  cooking or any coals as well as an open flame.  Pass the word along and also if you see other people up there please let them know that fires are not allowed.  Be careful shooting or participating in any activities that might entail any fire or flame to keep the area safe.

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