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Monday, January 13, 2014

2013 Bathroom Update

Well, we were able to do a lot at the ranch through the fall.  Sorry there were not more updates but hopefully I can get us caught up on everything that happened there. 

Due to several very generous donations we were able to get a lot of work done on the bathrooms.  We finished the under ground plumbing, the foundation and the cement floor both inside and outside of the bathroom.  We still have a lot to do though.  We need to finish the construction of the walls with cement blocks, do the roof, and then finish the interior of the bathrooms.  I will make a list of the items we still need and the items that we have been able to collect from donation. 

Cement blocks
Exterior doors and frame (2)
Shower head (2)
Sink Faucet (2)
Shower Partition
Interior plumbing pipe
Corrugated Steel Roof
2X6 boards for the roof
Water Heater
Exterior Finish
Glass Blocks (for the windows)

Vanity and sink (2)
Toilet (2)
Tile (4 boxes???)
Corrugated Steel Roof (pending donation)

This is just a rough estimate.  More things may come up as we are finishing the construction of the structure.  We are hoping to re-use the old Septic Tank from the old Cabin so we can save quite a bit of money on that.  We estimate that we will need between $2,000-$3,000 to finish the rest of the bathroom.  We know a lot of people have already donated a lot and help get to this point but we would love any additional help.  Hopefully we can finish the bathrooms this summer for EVERYONE to enjoy. 

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