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Monday, August 19, 2013


The bathrooms have come a long way since I last posted.  We went up on 7/27/13 and took up cement to lay the footings for the bathroom.

 We had to get the cement out of the mixer and move it to the desired areas.  Jared would then smooth it out with his trowel (not sure if I spelled that one right?)
 The kids were all there to help!

 Jared had to double check and mare sure we were level all the way around.  We used a laser level from Eric the night before to put in some rebar to make sure we were as level as possible.

 Jared and Tucker finished up the cement while Trent cleaned out the mixers.

We had a little bit of cement left over and so we decided to use it around the fire pit.  We used the fire pit since then and it has made the area much cleaner and safer.  

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