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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

2013 Ranch Goals/Projects

This year we hope to get quite a bit done.  We have just a few goals we would like to accomplish and may add to it as we go through the year.  These are listed in no particular order although the Pavilion is always the priority.

Begin (and hopefully nearly finish) Pavilion
Finish West Fence-cut and staple dancers & install gates along the fence line
Fix the upper dam and Build a new lower dam
Run water from the lower dam to the grass field by the pavilion
Run water to the potato field
Plant a larger garden including, potatos, tomatos, squash, corn, etc
Install a 'man gate' to the grass field
Make a parking area above the grass field
Build a wood shed/cover for fire wood
Build outdoor shooting range
Create small camp sites around the property
Rent a wood chipper to spread wood chips on the road
Move East Field Fence

This is a lot to do for one year but if we can do half of the projects or at least get some of them started then we are on track to greatly improving our future experiences there.

This also means that we have to do the yearly work as quickly as possible which includes repairing both the inner and outer fences.  We  hope to be finished with all of that by Memorial Day 5/27/13 so the rest of the Summer and Fall can be dedicated to the new projects we have.


  1. I have a truck and a chainsaw and would love to come up on any Saturday I have available to help with any work that needs to be done.

  2. These sound like fantastic goals. I look forward to seeing the progress.

  3. Thank you for the comments. We will need all the help we can get. We will try to let everyone know ahead of time when we are going up and what we are going to do. Peter, we would love the help and maybe a honey snack around midday.

  4. Absolutely!!! I‘ll even bring some Peanut Butter and bread to go with it!
    As soon as there's access I hope to bring four of five hives up there. This year I should get a lot more honey then I did last due to the fact that the hives are already established and won't have to take time to build new comb.

    Also how many potatoes are planning on doing this year? I think now is the time buy seed as I know in years past it has sold out before we could buy any. I would be willing to buy 50 lbs if needed.