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Friday, October 5, 2012

Midweek Trip

Jared and his family have been trying to get to The Ranch twice a week to water the grass seed we planted.  We hope to have a nice small field of grass up there by next spring.  Jared, Dustin, Toby, and Libby all went up on Wednesday and watered the future grass.  We noticed 4 head of cattle in the cottonwoods and we spent the entire morning getting them out of the property and found the part of the fence they broke through to get in.  We fixed the fence and then watered the grass again.  To keep the Libby and Toby entertained we went on a rock scavenger hunt.  They walked around picking up rocks and putting them in a bag to be used for future projects.  They really enjoyed it and it helped them stay entertained while we were working on getting the cattle out of the property.  Morgan (Tricia's daughter) and Brinley (Trent's oldest daughter) often search for Nature's Jewelry.  They look for odd rock, snail shells, acorns, or random looking sticks and collect them as jewelry.  There are many things to do up there to help keep the children entertained and enjoy the property as much as we do as adults.  Remember, the kids will get very dirty up there.

We also saw a flock of 16 Turkey crossing the Flat Iron from South to North.  It was a really cool site and we have seen a lot Turkey this fall.  Look close in the picture below and you can see them running away from us.

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