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Monday, June 11, 2012

West North Fence, New Gate, Tractor, and Hammocks

Saturday June 9, 2012 several members of the Jared and Eric Weight families went to the ranch to do work. It all actually started on Friday night when we installed a new gate. The gate goes from the water spigot road up to the dam. Now we won't have to mess with the barb wire fence since we have been traveling up that trail a lot lately. We had to plant a railroad tie post and then another cedar post on the other end and then attach the new gate, then boom, a new gate is in. Saturday morning we had about 13 workers. We were able to string the barb wire on this fence and attach the dancers. This was a lot of work but with a lot of help we were able to get it all done by 10:30. Eric and his family had to leave to a family reunion at that time. Eric and some of his family then continued working south. We were able to plant 20 T Posts in the morning. We then took a much needed lunch break and some of us even took a nap in the hammock, played frisbee, or just relaxed with the family. Trent and Valerie were even able to weed some of the potatoe field. Trent, Dustin, and Jared went back to work in the afternoon and had a lot of work to do. We had to finish planting the cedar posts in a very rocky section of the south west portion of our boundary fence. We were able to plant 10 cedar posts in a few hours. We finished by dinner time and then right at the end had an amazing view of a lot of the surrounding properties with some of the cabins and fields. We could also see some of the hikes to take which we hope to enjoy later this summer. This next picture is what we have left to work on for this fence. We just have to plant about 5 more t posts and then on the wire goes with the dancers. Libby and Colbie loved playing on the old tractor together as many of us have over the past years.

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